Austin's Exclusive High-end Audio Store features Wilson Audio, Dan D'Agostino, & Burmester

Hometunes is Austin's only location to properly audition the most exclusive Audio products from the industry's premier manufacturers.

We have been doing business in Austin since 2006.  During these years we have built up our clientele through the marine audio & automation integration world.  The one thing we always knew was missing, was a company that treated exclusive high-end audio with the same level of passion, enthusiasm, and care.  Like you, we read all the articles about the exclusive high-end audio brands, and wished we lived near a company that had a sound room for us to listen to the equipment.

We got tired of waiting...

We are proud to announce that Hometunes will offer a location in Austin that is open to the public where you can hear world-class audio as it is meant to be heard.  Our desire is to bring you the best experience possible in a sound room that is purpose built to provide a neutral listening environment and will allow you to truly evaluate the equipment you are considering before purchasing.  Our main sound room was built using the latest in zero compromise room construction and features a very attractive and effective acoustic system from Artnovion.  The design of our room is also one built to show what we are capable of offering in your home.  We strongly believe the room is just as important as the equipment, which means acoustic treatments are needed to maximize the performance of your audio system. Hometunes can help you realize your high performance audio dreams by working with you on all aspect of the system from concept to completion.

We want to share our passion for high performance audio reproduction by providing access to audio manufacturers that will give you an unequaled experience in the comforts of your home.

Come listen to music with us and share our passion for exclusive high-end audio.

Wilson Audio

Since the 1974, Wilson Audio is the manufacturer of handcrafted, high-quality loudspeakers. Proudly built in the USA. The speaker manufacturer that has been driven by Dave Wilson, and his son Darryl Wilson, to change how we listen to music in our homes. They have created a speaker line that can create a transcendental musical experience.

It is very difficult, even daunting, to update a classic. The physicians’ maxim of Primum non nocere (first do no harm) certainly applies here. An overly ambitious and inexperienced designer, in his zeal to advance the product with the “latest and greatest technology,” can inadvertently sacrifice the very qualities at the heart of the original’s
intrinsic appeal. There is a certain wisdom and introspection that is inherent to all great designers. They know when real advancements are possible, and eschew the temptation to incorporate change for change’s sake. In the end, all great product designs are a deft admixture of art and science, technology and tradition, theoretical research and empirical testing.  Continue reading: Alexia Series-2 Press Release

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Artnovion Acoustic Treatments

Our every day mission is to drive innovation and engineer acoustic performance, combining these to create unlimited design possibilities. We believe that simple is more & performance flourishes from emotion!

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Dan D'Agostino


No name is more closely associated with high-end audio amplifiers than that of Dan D’Agostino. During his career of more than 30 years, D’Agostino pioneered countless advances in the design of amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, and surround-sound processors. He is known as the audio industry’s most passionate promoter of highquality, high-powered amplification. Makers of the world’s finest loudspeakers rely on D’Agostino-designed amplifiers for their most important demonstrations.

Dan D’Agostino was founder and chief engineer of Krell Industries through 2009. Now, he embarks on a completely fresh start with a new organization and new state-of-the-art designs. The products that bear his name not only achieve new levels of sound quality, they also look like nothing he has built before—more compact, more distinctive, and more living-room-friendly.

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